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At DM1 SEO, your local Search Engine Optimization Services Company, we have a very clear focus: improve your Google Organic ranking and increasing the number of visits your site receives. To do this, we rely on our experience (of over a decade in the field) and apply a process that really yields results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in one line:

SEO optimization is a service that guarantees the best ranking positions in Google (and other search tools, like Bing and Yahoo), ensuring an increase of visitor traffic to your company’s website.

How does it work?

In practice, DM1 SEO  follows six main pillars:

  • audience study;
  • keyword research;
  • problem finding;
  • technical analysis;
  • content creation;
  • performance reports.

Within each of these pillars we establish tasks and assets to be delivered. Check out more details below:


Audience Study

The first step in any of our projects is to understand who buys and how to make the purchase. To do this, we talked a lot with our client, trying to identify preliminary information about this audience and their online behavior.

In addition, we conduct market research to validate information and even detect opportunities that the entrepreneur (you) has not yet seen.

We study your target audience

Keyword Research

To start SEO work, we also conducted a study of keywords, related to your business, that could be searched by your target audience in search engines (like Google). This is the biggest concern of a SEO Company Services.

In this process, we are always careful to classify each keyword chosen according to the consumer’s buying journey, which includes:

  • Funnel: When a person does not yet know they have a problem, that is, they need a certain product or service.
  • Funnel: When the problem is already known, but the person does not know the possible solutions.
  • Funnel background: When both the problem and the solutions are known, one only has to decide which brand and product / service to choose.
  • This classification is maintained by our team, who use them at all other stages of the project.

SEO Audit (Issues Checklist)

At this stage, our team conducts a thorough investigation of the website, considering more than 150 items, to find issues that prevent it from having good visibility into search engine results (such as Google and Bing).

It is at this point, for example, that our analysts find out why your site receives few visits. It is also through these investigations that our team does technical analysis (listed below) and prepares documentation.

SEO Audit
DM1 SEO Company Technical SEO job

Technical Analysis

At this point, our team already has a clear sense of the issues on your website. Given this, we have created patch-specific documentation that follows four main pillars:

  • public;
  • architecture and structure;
  • content;
  • competition.

For each problem identified, our team estimates the impact and difficulty of implementing the fix. After that, we select the one that matters most and make a document requesting the correction of the problem. This technical documentation is then shared and discussed with the customer’s IT and Marketing team (you) for validation and implementation.

Content Creation

Content marketing is one of the SEO strategies that helps increase organic website traffic. Therefore, our team is also dedicated to this work, which involves studies and analysis of both target audience and competitors.

As for content marketing, our differential lies in the in-house creation of 100% of materials, which are made by experienced professionals. Among the main contents, we make:

  • ebooks (digital books);
  • infographics;
  • blog articles;
  • video transcripts;
  • product descriptions;
  • e-commerce category descriptions;
  • News.

We can work on researching themes, writing guidelines, creating materials and even implementing them on the site. That way you can focus on other factors in your business while leaving the content of your site in the hands of real masters.

DM1 SEO Company Content Marketing and Creation
Monthly SEO performance reports from your SEO Company

Performance Reports

Monthly we also create reports to track project success indicators. Although each company has its own characteristics, in almost all cases we report the following information:

  • analysis and comparison of organic visits;
  • monitoring of keywords and rankings in search engine rankings;
  • analysis and comparison of revenue and conversions (goals);
  • activities developed in the project.

This way we present the results achieved and align everything that can be improved for your business.

These are the reasons that make DM1 the best SEO company you can hire in all of Treasure Coast. And now you understand and be sure that more than anything, we are your partner, and our main goal is to generate business for your company. So do not waste time and decide soon for the total success of your business trying our SEO services and have Your Company always in the best company!
This is what feeds our service wheel and gear. Your success and satisfaction!And now you understand and be sure that more than anything, we are your partner, and our main goal is to generate business for your company!

One last TIP

The SEO process is slow, continuous and recurring and the first results sometimes take a few months to realize. If your business has an immediate need to better position itself in Google search results, we suggest that you book Google ads. Our team has extensive experience in creating and managing paid ad campaigns (known as PPC / pay-per-click).

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