Facebook Ads - Reach thousands of customers in minutes

Facebook has over 2.8 billion users (2021) and the US is the 2nd country in the world with the most active profiles. This means approximately 225 million users in the network, and your target audience, certainly, is also there.

UK = 54 million users, Canada = 25 million users, Australia = 11 million users

Facebook Ads

Given this, advertising on Facebook is more than following a trend, is seizing a great business opportunity. With Facebook Ads you can:

  • increase exposure of your brand or page;
  • reach exactly your target audience;
  • attract people interested in your business;
  • capture leads;
  • win new customers;
  • generate more sales!This means approximately


The Campaign Types

There are two types of campaigns that can be run on Facebook Ads: promoting a page from Facebook itself, and advertising an external URL from your site, for example.

In either case, our masters plan, execute and generate follow-up reports. Understand below how each step works.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

Campaign Planning

Niche Analysis

Through Facebook itself, and tools such as Hitwise, our media buying team maps your business market and also identifies who the target audience is in order to create well-optimized campaigns.

Subject Search

Through tools such as Google Ads Keyword Tool, SEMrush and Hitwise, we identify topics your audience might like. Based on this, we set up an action plan that involves the production of content and the creation of ads that are likely to interest the buying public.

Campaign Execution

Facebook set up

On the Facebook ad platform, we created the already optimized campaigns. In this step, our team also sets up and manages each day’s investment.

Periodic re-optimizations

With campaigns running, our media team tracks and, where necessary, makes implementations and changes. This careful, periodic reoptimization allows us to significantly maximize your results!


Facebook’s ad platform enables detailed audience targeting to reach. So in addition to preparing the ideal campaign, we use the resources that social networking offers to target ads to the right people, those who might be interested in your product / service.

Thus, with well-targeted targeting, we avoid unnecessary impressions and increase ad quality with Facebook.


Considering previous results, we also specify the range of ads, specifying gender, age, location and other important points. All to get the most out of your investment.

Conditional Changes

Facebook campaigns focused on e-commerce, for example, require constant updates, due to price, inventory and other requirements of this site group. Therefore, when necessary, we closely monitor the campaigns and provide agile changes.

Facebook Campaign Seup
Facebook Reports

Monthly reports

Simple report

For quick insight into your Facebook campaigns, we’ve delivered a simple report that shows the reach number, frequency, social reach, actions, clicks, and CTR of each ad. Thus, we expedite the understanding of the progress of the campaigns.

Full Review

To complete the simple report, the full analysis has specific metrics and data for your website or Facebook page. This analysis is divided between the ad groups and registered ads and has all the details of the campaigns executed.

Conversion Analysis

Our conversion analysis lets you understand how effectively your site’s pages are compared to ads, and vice versa, and can even attest to ROI. This analysis also contributes to improving the ads and pages of your site, which consequently improves your return on investment.


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